International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Ginny Stone Ideas Activities
  • Mrs, SAASTEC
    Pretoria, South Africa
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    Tel +27 12 8070252
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    Primary or Secondary Education
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  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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I've written a series of Children's story books - in wacky rhyme - that cover huge issues from global warming, saving water, planting veggies, space, nanotechnology, the sea, recycling, HIV AIDS, biodiversity in a gentle non-threatening fashion. Sibo, a little urban South African girl - has found out that the world is in a mess and she wants to help fix it - she gets her friends, class mates and family involved in all her adventures. The underpining theme is saving energy and water and recycling, but I like to weave cool facts and interesting information into the storyline.

I think there could be a nice niche for a Sibo IYC book "Sibo Mixes Things Up" (as a working title) - exploring how chemicals (and different reactions) affect the earth - but how necessary and useful they are - cover both the positive and touch briefly on the negative sides.

Just so that you know the books are not unknown - "Sibo in Space" was used in schools during IYA. And "Sibo Likes Life" for IYB. I was also recently commisioned by SAASTA in SA to write "Sibo Sizes Things Up" - around the topic of nanotechnology - this book is going down very well in schools as well. Several of my other books (in the same Sibo Series) have been chosen as readers by the Department of Education in South Africa.