International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Mhd. moammer Hakky Ideas Activities
  • Pharmacist, SIUST
    Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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    Tel 00963999727468
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    Research Laboratories
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  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
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I've conducted many research in medicinal chemistry, since I'm a pharmacist

The fist was a drug for ulcerative colitis as a prodrug betweem p-aminophenol and 3Nitro salicylic acid

The second one which is running until now is a modification for amoxicilin to increase its effectivness by adding a new bulky groups to the amine group.

The third is conducting with team: Trying stimulating species of Cactus to produce a new phytoalexin which could be a new potential antibiotic or other compunds with bacteriocidal or bacteriostatic activity.

Activities and Societies: I'm a heavy scientific researcher in my faculty since the second year, I've participated in the 3rd scientfic research conference and I won the first degree