International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Marie Barnes Ideas Activities
  • Undergraduate Student, University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Email
    Tel 1-780-860-6712
  • Sector:

    Tertiary Education
  • Organizations:

    University of Alberta
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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I have been interested and excited about chemistry ever since my first chemistry class in post-secondary. I immediately became a chemistry enthusiast choosing chemistry as my major. I have an appreciation for all aspects of chemistry and the gradual intermingling of other disciplines with chemistry. I one day hope to compute and predict chemical models and then synthesize the systems calculated followed by sweet characterization abilities to prove their existence. All of which involve a wide array of chemical knowledge. My favorite analytical technique is GC-MS as it both separates and provides characterization of species. My favorite spectroscopy is NMR because magnetic field separated signals can tell you so much about the identity and functionality of your molecule. My favorite molecule is caffeine and I have gone so far as to tattoo the delocalized model of it on my foot. My favorite theories are molecular orbital theory and density functional theory, MO theory provides knowledge and predictive capabilities of reactions through HOMO, LUMO and SOMO occupations by electrons on both ground and excited states, it also tells us about magnetic properties of the species in question. My favorite element is Tantalum as it is truly tantalizing and due to Lanthanide contractions it has similar properties to it's group member Niobium which I think is wicked cool.

I hope to pursue a spectroscopy of the month, molecule of the week and historical recount of chemists for IYC. I had also wanted to pursue a mass synthesis project across universities international involving computing, synthesizing and characterizing a reaction.

Furthermore I ran for the role as co-president of the University of Alberta's undergraduate chemistry students association and was extatic to be able to fulfill the responsibilities associated with that position. Our group wants to be involved in IYC to promote chemistry to the general public through events and demonstrations and we are all very excited about the major we are pursuing.

Peace, Love and Chemistry!