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Gayle De maria Ideas Activities
  • Tekno Scienze Publisher- Chemistry Today journal
    Milan, Italy
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    Tel 0039226809375
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    Tekno Scienze Publisher- Chemistry Today journal
    Agro Food Industry Hi Tech journal
    Household and Personal care journal
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    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
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My name is Gayle De Maria and I am in charge of the scientific editorial contents for the journal Chemistry Today / Chimica Oggi. Please go to our web site to gain more information on our publication - www.chemistry-today. com.

Fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are the main topics of Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today especially addressed to a readership belonging to the industry. Founded in 1983 it is considered one of the most credited journals in its sector. The journal, thanks to its solid scientific articles suitable for industrial applications boasts an ever increasing circulation worldwide. Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today is essential to those who are looking for an updated, accurate and highly reliable information. Every issue includes one or more monographic supplements entirely devoted to one specific subject. These supplements are more and more appreciated by our readers as they can find in their pages a precious help to their constant commitment to the field of research and development.

We have a couple of projects in mind: one of them has already been confirmed.

First project already confirmed:

-In year 2011 we will host one / two articles in each of our issues which will deal with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Mme Curie Nobel Prize. We will look at some of the Nobel Prizes awarded for chemistry, and how these have affected everyday life. For example, prizes in organic synthesis, new synthetic methods, catalysis, polymers, to mention but a few, have all had an impact on how chemistry is applied by chemists and also how the applications of the ideas rewarded by the Nobel prize have been used in everyday products, such as plastics, pharmaceuticals etc. The section where the articles will be published is called “Milestones in chemistry”. This project will cover two aims of the International year of chemistry: celebrate the nobel prizes (Marie Curie) and increase the public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs. We will collect all the papers and publish them also in a supplement coming out in October 2011.

Second project (not approved yet):

- We would like to start a competition among our authors focused on the Italian Chemistry. We would like to invite graduated students (we will choose the Universities and professors will choose their students) to write an article dealing with the International Year of chemistry (how they think their project will help in changing the world through chemistry). We would like to have two papers for each issue and announce in October the winner of the competition. The articles will be evaluated by experts probably chosen from our Scientific Advisory board. The Winner will be given a prize (to decide) during an Italian Chemical event (conference / exhibition).

Of course our aim is to promote the International Year of Chemistry through all our channels. We have a bimonthly newsletter which talks about our latest issues and of course will talk about Milestones in Chemistry. We can promote the international Year of Chemistry also with news.

In the last few years we have organized a couple of chemical conferences on Flow chemistry (the technology of the future). Our aim is to organize another one next year anf of course we could add the logo.