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Dr. Nadia Kandile Ideas Activities
  • Professor, Chemistry department Faculty of Women,Institute For Environmental Studies and Research ,Ain Shams University and Faculty of Pharmacy ,Misr International University,Cairo,Egypt
    Cairo, Egypt
  • Email
    Tel +20122260339
  • Sector:

    Tertiary Education
  • Organizations:

    Chemistry department Faculty of Women,Institute For Environmental Studies and Research ,Ain Shams University and Faculty of Pharmacy ,Misr International University,Cairo,Egypt
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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Present Position :

- Professor of Organic Chemistry , Chemistry Department ,Faculty of Women,Ain Shams University.Cairo,Egypt

- Professor of Environmental Chemistry in Institute For Environmental Studies and Research ,Ain Shams University .Cairo,Egypt

- Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in Faculty of Pharmacy ,Misr International University,Cairo,Egypt

- Scientific Consultant for Arab Science & Technology Foundation .

- Chemistry Expert In Science Education Center , Ain Shams University .

- Titular Member in IUPAC ( Chemistry and Environment -Division VI) 2010-2013

- Awarded the Priz for International Publication ,Ain Shams University 2009

Professional Carrier :

- Demonstrator from 1.10 1967 .

- Lecture of organic chemistry from 28.4. 1975 .

- Assistant Professor from 27.2 .1984 .

- Professor of organic and environmental chemistry from 25.12.1989 to date.

- Head of Chemistry Department from August 2002 till 31 July 2006 .

- Chemistry Expert in Science Education Center Ain Shams University.

- Trainer for training ( TOT ) for Faculty and Leadership Development Project (FLDP) Ain Shams University ( FLDP) .

- Consultant in Science Center for Detection & Remediation of Environmental Hazards ,Alazhar University ( Cairo )

Professional Societies:

1. National representative in the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAC (Chemistry &Environment).Titular Member from Jan 2010 -2013.

2. Member of the National Committee of Pure and Applied Chemistry,Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Egypt.

3. Member of the Egyptian Chemical Society.

4. Member of the Egyptian Society for Heterocyclic Chemistry.

5. Member of the Supreme Council for Professor and Associated Professors Applicants in Chemistry in Egyptian Universities.

6. Member of the Egyptian Society of Material Sciences .

7. Member of the Egyptian Society of Polymer Science and Technology

8. Member of the Third World Organisation For Women In Science (TWOWS)

9. Editor and scientific consaltant of Packtech International magazine.

10. Editor in-chife of Modern Science magazine .

11. Member of the Basic Science Sector Projects for the Development of Academic References Standards of Chemistry in the Egyptian Universities .

12. Member of the Society of Science and Technology Services .

13. Member of the Egyptian Higher Council Consultation for Chemistry Olympiad for Secondry Schools .

14. Member of the Egyptian Society of Crystallography and its Applications

15. Member of the European Fedration of Biotechnolgy .

16. Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) .

17. Member of TWOWS National Chapter-Egypt.

Publications :

About 100 publications in the field of Heterocyclic Chemistry , Polymers ,Drugs, Surfactants, Organometalic, and Chemical Education in international ,national and local Journals and Conferences .

Scientific Supervision :

About 40 M.Sc,Ph.D Organic Chemistry Students were Graduated under my supervision.

Summary of Essential Scientific Achievements :

My scientific achievements are:

1.Working in designing and synthesis of heterocyclic and chemical compounds using simple technology and evaluation of its biological activity as a drugs (antimicrobial-antifungal and anticancer its preliminary in vitro cytoxic anticancer ,against the tumor cell lines :HELA (Cervix carcinoma), MCF7 (Breast carcinoma) and HCT116 (Colon carcinoma)

2. Synthesis of novel surfactants for many applications in the petroleum sector ( as corrosion inhibitors , additives for Oil Well Drilling Fluids , demulsifiers , emulsion breakers ,and biocides , surfactant-enhanced bioremediation of toxic organic compounds .

3. Synthesis of eco- friendly modified biopolymer for treatment of polluted water with heavy metals .


1. The author of some books of organic chemistry and practical organic chemistry,for higher education ,Science Education Center,Ain Shams University.

2. The author of simplified electronic book on environment for kids. Science Education Center Ain Shams University.

3. The author of educational articles in the field of packaging ,plastics as Editor for International packtech magazine.

4. Consultant for many projects of the Egyptian Universities

Science Education Interests:

- Using multimedia computer resources to improve chemistry education.

- Uses Microscale experiments in lab.

- Applying Green chemistry concepts in organic lab.

- Development of chemistry programs in Egyptian Universities.

- Training project for teachers on uses of multimedia in teaching chemistry.

- Professionalization of chemistry for teachers

I have spent my professional years since 1967 working in Women's College for Art, Science and Education ( Faculty of Women) Ain Shams University in chemistry department with relatively few women colleagues. So now I have been pleased to see not only more young women in my department, but also to observe the increasing awareness in Egypt that the still low participation rates of women in science and technology do not match with the obvious talents and interests of girls and women taking in consideration this is the important issue not only in Egypt and for girls or women but also around all the world that is there is a decrease in the number of the students (Male or Female) in secondary schools who learning chemistry or basic sciences. Thus increasing female participation goes beyond issues of equity and social responsibility.

Now in Egypt we are looking for :

1. The most effective approaches to attract the young people (Female) to study science.

2. What is the most important message about science that should be carried forward to the public( Female) and how can the public( Female) become effectively increased in future.

3. In 2011, we will Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Mme.Curie Noble Prize.

I think it will be great to focuses in my Faculty on the above topics in Egypt to be our activities for the celebration of the International Year of Chemistry

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