International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Christa Bollmann Ideas Activities
  • UNESCO School, Grammar School / Gymnasium "Am Thie"
    38889 Blankenburg (Harz), Germany
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    Tel 0049 (0) 3944 367510
  • Sector:

    Primary or Secondary Education
  • Organizations:

    Grammar School / Gymnasium "Am Thie"
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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„Humanitati et sapientiae“

With its 500 years of eventful history Gymnasium „Am Thie” belongs to the oldest grammar schools in the Harz area.

Since 1995 we have been working very successfully in the network of UNESCO – Project Schools of Germany. We support the culture of peace: human rights, tolerance, democracy, Intercultural learning, a healthy environment, the cultural world heritage and global learning.

Being aware of the ONE WORLD we integrate all these topics into the process of education.

We offer bilingual lessons in geography, languages like English, French, Russian, Latin and Spanish.

Other additional offers are astronomy, computer science, economy, law, music and art.

In the range of extra - curricular activities we provide the opportunity of singing in a gospel choir, a choir for younger students, playing in a Dixieland band and a school band as well. Two theatre groups, pottery and artistic design are available, too.

In the field of sport our students can play football, chess, basketball and dance. Moreover there are teams dealing with robots, making videos and DVDs.

Students of our school support the educational process of students in Nicaragua, Ethiopia and India financially.

All our activities are published in a school magazine or the local media.

Our school community is always open for new ideas and ignored topics and is ready to involve innovative impulses from our parents, teachers and students.

We work together with different forms of schools, educational institutions, the community, interested people and organisations of our region.

We have got twin schools in Scotland, White Russia, Zanzibar, Armenia and the Czech Republic.

Subject overlapping projects, the participation in international seminars, camps and exchange programmes are part of our school programme.

Work experience in Edinburgh/ Scotland, regular excursions to Rome and London, Madrid and Paris, guest students from different countries at our school, the support of projects in Zanzibar, theatre performances in English, exhibitions of students’ art in various institutions, concerts of our gospel choir abroad, the participation in Comeniusprojects and international competitions are only some projects at out school.

We got aware of the IYC by our partner school in Edinburgh. The chemistry department of that school asked us to join all their partner schools taking part in this global experiment.

We know that water is a basic human right and want to support the idea of saving and protecting water for the future generations.

At the end of this school year we will, like every year, finish school with two, as we call it, Project Days. One part of these days will be concerned with the International Year of Chemistry.

Our ideas are the following:

- 8th classes - doing walks to take samples from different areas around our town, doing all the 4 experiments and collecting the data

- 6th classes - experiencing the forest with all senses/ our forest – a water storage

- 7th classes - bike tour to a water treatment station and a sewage treatment station near our town/ visiting the local fire brigade - how they use water/

introducing jobs in the chemical industry by specialists of our region