International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Sri Mulyani Ideas Activities
  • chemistry departement, bogor agriculture university
    Bogor, Indonesia
  • Email
    Tel 085717537409
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    bogor agriculture university
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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hello everyone,,, my name is sri mulyani,,,,,, i am student at chemistry departement, bogor agricultural university,,,, i am very interesting join IYC to share information about chemistry,,,

most student student in senior high school in my city said that they hate chemistry because it is very difficult to understand and complicated,,,,, i am a person that think same when my ist year in senior high school,,,, but then,,,, my teacher teachs me well so i have change my mind and love chemistry now,,,,,, so i want to make other people to feel the same way too,,,,

i hope i can do somehing to increasing interest of people in chemistry,,,,,