International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Unaeza Alvi Ideas Activities
  • Science &Environment, Curriculum &Assessment Educator, The Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development
    Karachi, Pakistan
  • Email
    Tel 92 21 o3463152449
  • Sector:

    Tertiary Education
  • Organizations:

    The Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development
    Founding Chair Science Association of Pakistan
  • IYC Interests:

    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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Sciences in general and Chemistry in particular is generally portrayed as an irrelevant, difficult and dry area of study. I am engaged in bringing life, relevance and understanding in sciences and chemistry in Particular ( I have a Masters in Chemistry and A Master in Science and Mathematics Education from Monash, Australia).

At the tertiary level I have offered around 20 Science Education and Environment Education courses to Masters in Education Course Participants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Central Asia, Eastern Africa , offered over 30 innovative short courses on areas such Science Teachers as Leaders, Science Teachers as Socially Responsible Pedagogues, ICT Integration in Science, Problem Based Approach/Project Based Approach, Authentic Assessment in Sciences, Assessment of Conceptual Understanding, Scientific Literacy, Reading in Science, Teachers as Materials Writers in/ through Communities of Practice to name a few. Over 100 workshops and sessions in sciences to 1000 of teachers and professional.

In terms of research I have supervised 15 action research/case-studies in science education, some titles are Strategies to Promote Argumentation in Sciences, Science Teacher Leadership for Integration of ICT in Science, Authentic Assessments in Sciences, Assessing learning of Sciences in Primary Schools, Reading through DARTS in Science, Science Professionals view of Effective Instructional Materials….

Research Based Materials Writings, is another continuing aspect of my work, since contextually relevant resources and understanding is scarce in this area hence I engage in its development through capacity building, research and writing. I have written and reviewed textbooks for the Government. This year I have written Matter I and Matter II, teaching and learning materials for Environment Studies, piloted it in the remote and rural contexts of Pakistan including Sindh and Balochistan through USAID-ED-LINKS Project. My needs assessments indicate Periodic Table as the most difficult concept.

To Mark this year, I have initiated a materials package in this area of study; however I am looking for funding to take it forward to the publications and translation stages.

In 2011 I am also supervising a dissertation study in Curriculum relevance in Chemistry through Activity Theory with a school –Industry linkage as a pilot study, offering a continuing professional education course in Curriculum Relevance in Chemistry. My dream and passion is to take this initiative forward into a mega project : An Institution for Relevancy in Science Education--Chemistry.

At children’s level we are offering an Olympiad based on Games and Drama in Chemistry to present its relevance to life and living and historical and futuristic dimensions through the Science Association of Pakistan (I am the founding Chair of SAP). This association caters to 1000s of Science teachers in Pakistan.

My purpose for joining IYC is to develop a networking with professionals around the globe, to share and learn from our experiences and to extend ideas into reality.