International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Dr. Gedion Getahun Ideas Activities
  • Research scientist / Lecturer, GdCh
    Mayence, Germany
  • Email
    Tel +49 6131 8866220/ +49 6131 7209715
  • Sector:

    Tertiary Education
  • Organizations:

    Loughborough University (UK)
    Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz ; Germany)
  • IYC Interests:

    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
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My self

I am Radioanalytical Chemist and PhD holder engaged in research and teaching. My field of research is Environmental Radiochemistry also interested in Environmental & Green Chemistry.

I am member and highly active in professional societies, like German Chemical Society (Gdch) subdivision: Analytical Chemistry & Ionising Radiation and join soon the Radiochemical Methods Group of the RSC. In July 2000, I established with few colleagues the Ethiopian Medical, Engineering & Natural Science Society in Germany, which cooperates with scientists, engineers, and medical doctors in Ethiopia. Currently I develop methods and curriculum of suitable web-based science education for schools as well as remote chemistry lecture on the Internet for universities in the developing countries.

Relation to Chemistry

My relation to chemistry started while I was at the Junior Elementary School. I was highly fascinated and enthusiastic about the applied science in general, chemistry in particular.

After my high school, I joined the university, and accomplished undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering, after some years of work experience, I continued to MSc. (Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation) and proceeded to PhD. I completed my PhD Research Studies at Loughborough University in Environmental Radiochemistry field. .

In fact I am interested almost in all types of chemistry and their corresponding Lab works.

Specific Interest

My specific interest during the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), is to participate in the program that deals with the encouragement of young people in chemistry. I deliberately want to add program to what has been prepared for this specific activity or just extrapolate its features by applying a unique program in its nucleus part, to raise the interest and motivation of the young scientist generation. Attention has to be given specially how to formulate the correlation of chemistry with health, (medicine, pharmacy), nutrition, agriculture, social, economical as well as technological aspects, which are vital for human developments and his well-being. Chemistry is an experimental science. In previous years, the branches have increased greatly, and their technological and scientific applications have expanded enormously. To wake up the interest and make the young generation work hard, research facilities have to be more attractive.

The young people should be able to follow the theory of chemistry and interpret its practical application easily by following the rules and regulations of chemical science.

The following theoretical and practical scientific assessment might be expected from the young chemists:

• Analysis and solution of environmental degradations; air pollution and extensive knowledge of atmospheric chemistry with it associated climate change and global warming. Also possible pollution problems related to chemistry itself.

• Solve a general or a particular types of problems around the globe by developing young scientist rapid scanning methods. By doing so, the young chemists should be able to grasp the required technical and scientific methods to minimise the limits and expansions of the problems, or if possible eradicate them forever.

• Development of fast, precise, cheap and mobile chemical instruments

• Disseminate the knowledge of chemistry without borders

• Make great effort to distribute the theory and the practical knowledge of chemistry to those who have a few or less access to modern chemical education and technology.

• Innovation; problem solving; methods of analysis; have to be included in their daily work.

As a result, these bring special praise for their extinguished outstanding efforts and competence all over the world.

Finally, as a chemist it is my real pleasure to participate in IYC 2011 program. I do my best to exert the maximum effort required to realise my dream for this specific contribution, by cooperating with the entire scientific community through IYC network around the globe. I fill very comfortable and happy to say that I am enthusiastically express my appreciation for IYC organising committee and for those who are participating to enable the IYC in the coming year.

Gedion Getahun (PhD)