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Dr Abdunnaser Etorki Ideas Activities
  • Assistance proffecor, University of Alfateh, department of chemistry, PO-Box-13203, Tripoli-Libya
    Tripoli, Libya
  • Email
    Tel 00218-92-7402789
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  • Organizations:

    University of Alfateh, department of chemistry, PO-Box-13203, Tripoli-Libya
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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DATE of Birth: 26/09/1970

Place of Birth: Tripoli-Libya

Nationality: Libyan

Address: Souk Juma, Jala District, Tripoli-Libya

Tel: 00218-92-7402789



Education Background

Pre-Academic studies







Primary Primary school certifacate 1980 Excellent

Preparatory Preparatory school certificate 1985 Excellent 90.5%

Secondary Secondary school certificate 1989 Excellent 94.90% 3rd Nation-wide

Undergraduate Studies

University Faculty Dept. Degree Specialty Date of Certificate Grade Average Rank

Al-Fateh Basic Sciences Chemistry B.Sc Chemistry 1993 Merit 74.82% 1st

Postgraduate studies

Ph.D in Electroanalytical Chemistry from Department of Chemistry Faculty of Science at University of Leicester- 2006- England-UK

Title of thesis: Quartz Crystal Microbalance determination of trace metal ions in solution

Specialization: Environmental Electrochemistry, Electroanalytical chemistry, Chemical and Mass Sensors, Bioelectrochemistry.

Professional Background

Duration Employer Position Type of work

1995-2001 Department of chemistry Faculty of Science, Al-Fateh University Demonstrator Teaching 1st year students General and Analytical Chemistry labs, Tutorials in General Chemistry

2002-2006 Department of chemistry Faculty of Science, University of Leicester Researcher and Demonstrator Teaching 1st year Analytical Chemistry labs, supervisory role during taught laboratory classes and short research projects


till now Department of chemistry Faculty of Science, Al-Fateh University Lecturer Teaching 1st and 4rd year taught and labs in Analytical Chemistry

2006-till now

Department of chemistry Faculty of Science, University of Leicester Researcher assistance Working with electrochemical simulation of environmental electrochemistry problems


Training Programmes Date

Departmental Induction 24-09-2002

Graduate School Induction 25-09-2002

Faculty Induction 26-09-2002

Introduction to Techniques 30-09-2002

Advanced Departmental Safety Procedures and Fire Safety 2-10-2002

Demonstrating Small Group Teaching 2-10-2002

An Introduction to Chemical Information Database 30-10-2002

Information Skills for Chemists 6-11-2002

Advanced Searching in CrossFire 6-11-2002

Personal Skills Portfolio 10-12-2002

Chemdraw and powerpoint 19-04-2003

Writing Skills (I) 5-02-2003

Writing Skills (II) 12-02-2003

Study Skills (I) 3-03-2003

Study Skills (II) 10-03-2003

Presentation Skills 20-03-2003

Applications of EndNote 25-06-2003

Advanced Scientific Writing for Chemists 25-06-2003

Protection and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property 28-04-2003

Electrochemistry Software 5-08-2003

Nanotechnology for chemists 1-03-2004

Fundamentals of project management 23-04-2004

Inorganic Materials 23-09-2004

Training Programmes Date

Professional development in Environmental science 4-04-2005

Professional development in Environmental science 3-10-2005

Instrumental methods in Electroenvironmental chemistry 3-07-2006

Instrumental methods in Electroanalytical chemistry 20-06-2007

Electrochemical Nanosensors 10-06-2008

Instrumental methods in Electroenvironmental chemistry 12-03-2009

Conference and Meetings Date

Midlands Electrochemistry Group (Coventry University) 09-4-2003

Midlands Electrochemistry group (Loughborough University)

Presentation (Quartz Crystal Microbalance Determination of Trace Metal Ions in Solution)


Electrochem 2004 (University of Leicester)

Poster (Quartz Crystal Microbalance Determination of Trace Metal Ions in Solution)


Molecular Properties Group (University of Leicester)

Presentation (Quartz Crystal Microbalance Determination of Trace Metal Ions in Solution)


Midlands Electrochemistry Group (Warwick University) 21-05-2005

Analytical Research Forum (ARF05)

Poster (Development an Environmental sensor for Hg(II) Using the Quartz crystal Microbalance 18-20-07-2005

National Center for Electron spectroscopy and surface analysis (NCESS) User Group Meeting

Presentation (XPS as a valuable tool for analysis of modified surfaces) 24-10-2005

Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale 16-11-2005

Midlands Electrochemistry Group (University of Leicester) 27-04-2006

International society of Electrochemistry Meeting

Poster (Quartz Crystal Microbalance Determination of Trace Metal Ions


Petra International chemistry conference (PICC) and Transmediterranean colloquium on Hetercyclic chemistry

Presentation (Application of 1,4-benzenedimethanethiol self-assembled monolayer on gold Piezoelectrode as a sensor for determination of Hg(II) 25-28-06-2007

Washington, DC (212th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society)

Development of mass sensor for Hg (II) using new polymer thiol ligands. 7-12-10-2007

The Second Basic Sciences conference

Adsorption of mercury(II) on chemically synthesized polyanline 4-8-11-2007

Conference and Meetings Date

The 10th International chemistry conference and exhibition in Africa (10 ICCA)

Is complexation of trace metal ions by ligands anchored to gold surfaces different than by ligands dissolved in homogenous solutions 18-21-11-2007

Ninth international conference on water pollution: modelling, monitoring and management

Removal of mercury (II) from wastewater using poly(vinyl pyrrolidinone) 4-8-06-2008

10th International conference on chemistry and its role in development ICCRD 10

Adsorption of mercury(II) on electrochemically synthesized polymers 16-21-03-2009

First International Conference and Exhibition on Chemical and process engineering

Determination of Mercury(II) levels in some contaminated areas near to Abe Kammash Industrial complex area in West Tripoli-Libya 5-7-05-2009

Membership Societies

societies Membership number

Royal society of chemistry RSC

electrochemistry group, electroanalytical chemistry group

materials chemistry group, environmental group and

microanalytical group


The Electrochemical Society ECS

physical and analytical electrochemistry division

sensor division and environmental division


Society of Chemical Industry SCI

electrochemical technology group, materials

chemistry group and environmental technology group


International society of electrochemistry ISE

analytical electrochemistry division and sensor division


American chemical Society ACS

Analytical chemistry division 30048226

Association of Analytical Communities,” AOAC


The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

(IUPAC) Affiliate member

International Association of Environmental Analytical

Chemistry (IAEAC) Active member for along time

German Chemical Society (GCS) 91194


A.Etorki and M.Elmahbbis ’’Underground Water Pollution in Tripoli’’, 1996, proceedings of the conference on water resources in the Arab Nations.

A.M. Etorki, A.R Hillman , K.S. Ryder and A. Glidle, J. Electroanal. Chem. 599, 2 (2007), 275-287

Elhamassi Ali, Elfituri Elakkari , A.Etorki and A.Mashaly, The Libyan Journal of

Science (An International Journal), (2008), 16B, 7-11.

A.Etorki and M.Walli, Water Pollution IX, WIT Transaction on Ecology and the Environment, Vol 111, (2008) WIT press, 475-481.

A.M.Etorki, M.A.EL.Rais and M.M. Abuein, Oriental Journal of Chemistry, (2009),


Elfituri Elakkari, Elhamassi Ali, M.R.El-Talbi, A.Etorki, M.B.Salem, A.M.Rhuma

andA.Mashaly, Journal of Faculty of Teachers Training, number (2), Spring 2009, 3-10.

A.M. Etorki, A.R Hillman , K.S. Ryder and A. Glidle, J. Electron Spec. Rel. Phen. in press