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  • General School Information

    Pennsylvania State University - University Park
    Native Name
    Pennsylvania State University - University Park (Penn State)
    English Name
    Pennsylvania State University - University Park
    United States
    Founding Year
    Street Address
    The Pennsylvania State University, 201 Old Main
    University Park
    Postal Code/Zip Code
    University Website
    Number of Students (approx)
    Number of Faculty (approx)
    As Pennsylvania's only land-grant university, Penn State has a wide mission of teaching, research, and public service. But that mission was not so easily formed in 1855, when the Commonwealth chartered it as one of the nation's first colleges of agricultural science, with a goal to employ scientific principles to farming.
    Living Alumni
    Nobel Laureates
    0 current and former faculty members
    Base Tuition
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    School Income
    School Expenses
    Library Collection
    Real Estate Holdings
    5,448 acres
  • Chemistry Department Details

    Global Ranking in Chemistry
    Chemistry Department website
    Department contact information

    Mailing Address
    104 Chemistry Building
    University Park, Pennsylvania

    Telephone (814) 865-6553

    Research Areas

    analytical, inorganic, biological, materials and nanoscience, computational and Theoretical, organic, environmental, and Physical

    Chemistry Department Information
    The Department of Chemistry at Penn State is one of the premier chemistry departments in the nation. The faculty members are recognized as leaders in their fields and have received numerous awards. With an excellent record of generating external support for research and a commitment to cutting-edge interdisciplinary work, the Department has become a leader in many of the most significant areas of chemistry R&D: materials chemistry, life sciences and nanoscience. In addition to nationally acclaimed strengths in faculty research and graduate education, the Chemistry Department at Penn State also has a first-rate program in undergraduate education.
  • Chemistry Department Faculty

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