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The Winds of Change

by Nicole Moreau, IUPAC President

Jan 18, 2010

Now that we are in the throes of preparing for the International Year of Chemistry, change is upon us.

For so long, so many of us have said “we have to change the public image of chemistry, we have to more deeply involve industry, we have to make politicians know what chemistry can do to sustain our world, and we have to convince young people that chemistry can be their future and can provide them with useful and exciting jobs.” Now, that opportunity is here, and we must take full advantage. I am rather confident, when I see, through meetings, discussions, or e-mail exchanges, both globally and in my own country, how deeply most chemistry-related organizations and societies are involved. In addition, I am encouraged to see the numerous ideas for celebrating the year that have arisen from all corners of the world.

2010 will be a year for planning in preparation for 2011. Keep sharing your ideas and do participate in this unique opportunity that is the IYC. I wish all of you a very happy, fruitful, and active New Year, the last one before the first-ever international year of chemistry!

Moreau is IUPAC President starting this January 2010. This month, she signed
her first President’s Column titled “…For the times, they are a- changin”.

Chemistry International, Jan-Feb 2010.