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Make a Big Splash

and Celebrate World Water Day!

Mar 18, 2011

On World Word Day, March 22nd, one thousand pupils in Cape Town, South Africa will be creating the “Big Splash” for the launch of the IYC Global Water Experiment. This IYC activity entitled Water: A Chemical Solution…, aims to entice pupils from schools around the world to discover, through simple hands-on experience, some aspects of water quality and water treatment.

As part of the UN World Water Day from 20-22 March 2011 in Cape Town – www.worldwaterday2011.orgUNESCO and IUPAC are organising the ‘Big Splash’ for the IYC. In collaboration with the Water Mavericks, the Young Water Professionals (YWPs, an International Water Association initiative) and the Water Institute of South Africa (WISA), the IYC Global Water Experiment will run from 22-25 March 2011 which coincides with the National Water Week in South Africa. Schoolchildren between the ages of 15-18 will participate by doing 1 of the 4 experiments, testing the water quality from an informal settlement and from a natural source of water. These results will be recorded on the Global Water Experiment website.

Global Water Exp - card small

This event will be filmed and share with all very soon – thus, the Global Water Experiment starts with a ‘Big Splash’.

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