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The Global Experiment on Water is Shaping up

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Dec 17, 2010

The IYC team pulling together the Global Experiment on Water has released the first two experiments: Water: No Dirt, No Germs and pH of the Planet.

At the time of Madame Marie Curie’s acceptance of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, water treatment to provide clean, safe drinking water was becoming common in many places in Europe and North America. As we celebrate the International Year of Chemistry, waterborne diseases, such as typhoid fever and cholera, have yet to be completely eliminated, although the chemical technology “tools” are available.

This Water: No Dirt, No Germs activity will raise awareness of the critical use of chemistry to provide one of the most basic human needs, clean drinking water. Starting with local natural surface waters, students will replicate one or both of the main steps of drinking water treatment—clarification and disinfection. Younger students will clarify natural surface water and observe disinfection done by their teacher. Older students will both clarify and disinfect natural water.

Water - Scientists

In the second experiment pH of the Planet , students will collect a water sample from a local natural source. They will measure the pH of the sample using coloured indicator solutions. An average value from the class results will be reported to the Global Experiment Database together with information about the sample and the school.

Your feedback is needed. Download the experiment worksheet and return your comments.
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