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Nov 14, 2011

by Fabienne Meyers, Associate Director, IUPAC

Before IYC 2011, there was no way to imagine how the year would shape up. But today, we have some ideas. A huge resource that has emerged and is now at our disposal is . Obviously, not all of the IYC is on the IYC website. IUPAC, which started it all with UNESCO by getting the UN to recognize IYC 2011, is committed to keeping the website as a resource available to all. was planned to publicize IYC 2011, to act as a clearinghouse for all activities happening under the umbrella of IYC, and encourage international participation. It has accomplished all of these goals. Take a casual browse, and you can see for yourself. As of 1 October, the site has recorded just over 8200 contacts from more than 160 countries, more than 2000 activities and events, and some 300 additional ideas. Since January 2011, the site has attracted an average of 1600 visits per day. Today, more than 50 percent of the site traffic is directed from search engines, 30 percent is from referring sites, and the difference from direct traffic, which is a good indicator that folks can easily find IYC.

To make the most of the website and to make it a legacy of IYC, we should all log in again, update the activities that are recorded and supplement that information with links to articles and reports that might have been posted here and there, and add pictures and comments. The IYC website is a gold mine of ideas and contacts, testimony that chemists worldwide are passionate about what they do. As a web 2.0 resource, it is up to us as part of the IYC network to enrich the site’s content. Let’s not wait until the end of the year to tackle this task, log in now .

IYC cheers!
~ for IYC Team