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IYC is Generating Buzz

In Nature Chemistry and Chem Ed, on YouTube and Facebook, and in Finland, IYC is generating buzz!!

Dec 20, 2010

Before the calendar page shows 1 January, the IYC 2011 is already getting noticed.

The editorial of Nature Chemistry, published online on 15 December 2010, is devoted to IYC. It reminds its readers that under the IYC banner, chemists should seize the opportunity to highlight the rich history and successes of our subject to a much broader audience and explain how it can help to solve the global challenges we face today and in the future. “The IYC provides a focal point for the past successes of our subject to be celebrated and its future potential to be emphasized—but we should be wary of simply preaching to the choir” wrote the editor. “As chemists, we have a pretty good grasp of how important our subject is and where it sits in the grand scheme of science itself. The biggest impact of the IYC should not be on chemists, but those who are not (or not yet) chemists.” Read more @

In the editorial of the Journal of Chemical Education, Mary M. Kirchhoff reminds her readers that “the goals of the IYC provide a framework for increasing awareness and understanding, among our students and the general public, of the “extraordinary chemistry of ordinary things.” IYC celebrates chemistry’s creativity in meeting world needs, along with the many contributions of women chemists.” Read more @ , Vol. 88, No. 1 January 2011, Journal of Chemical Education.

As the first IYC Global Partner, the Dow Chemical Company has released on YouTube an invitation to bring Chemistry and Humanity together, to collaborate, to educate, to innovate. Follow the invitation to make a difference @

On FaceBook, Javier Garica Martinez is relentless: as creator of the IYC group he continues to energize that forum which now counts more than 1300 members. Join the conversation @

In Finland, IYC is being celebrated by a jubilee magazine dedicated to chemistry. This Finnish-language publication was released 16 December 2010 as a supplement to the Finnish Chemical Magazine. During 2011, 25,000 copies will be distributed to schools, science museums, and science centers, and at various public events organized by chemical societies and companies. The digital version is available @ or

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Season’s greetings and happy IYC !

~from the IYC team