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Visitors to include chemists, chemical engineers, academicians, scientists, students (ranging from youth to undergraduate and graduate studies), related professionals, the self-taught and those with a general interest in the field of Chemistry and its sub-disciplines.

We believe there is no better place to feature your event and be noticed by industry peers.

As an added bonus, is a high authority website that is also highly optimized for web searches. Why does this matter? It’s a generally accepted principle of the internet that a) high authority sites generally rank higher than others and b) links from high authority websites convey a degree of authority to recipient websites.

This means that events featured within our site should not only naturally rank higher in search engine rankings, they can also help boost your own site’s authority and help your own site rank higher amongst your peers.

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Featured Events Section – Right Column..............................................$249.99/month

Your event is broadly and prominently displayed in our Featured Events section which lies along the right column of our website. Featured Events are displayed on every page throughout the entire events section of our website (even while browsing another event). We display groups of 4 Featured Events at a time.

Simply put – this ad type is the most visible and effective way to reach an international audience, remain top-of-mind and ensure your event continues to be recognized as an industry leading event.

Note that we offer an extremely limited amount of advertisements within this section so book early! Only 12 featured ads are available for sale at any given point in time (the 4 ads displayed rotate from this list).

Top Ads Section – Local Display...............................................................$29.95/month

Top Ads are event listings that have been upgraded to also appear in the "Top Ads" section of event listings. More people read these Ads because of their prominent position on the first page of event listings over a long time period. Buying a Top Ad is the best way to help sell your item to a target audience. These Ads are will be seen by anyone searching for events within the same country as your event (or anyone who searches all events regardless of country). Note that if more than 5 featured ads are purchased, only a random five will be shown. The ads are randomly picked and will change each time the page is loaded.

Top Ads Section – International Display..................................................$39.95/month

Does your event appeal to visitors outside of the country? If so this option is for you! International Top Ads are the same as Top Ads however they appear in the Top Ads section of other countries. As an example: A website user from USA who is searching events in USA is eligible to see a Top Ad for an event in China.

How to choose - Local or International?

Our website is optimized in such a way that when a visitor enters the event section of our website, the visitor country is most often auto-detected and auto-selected in order to display a list of localized events. As such, a USA visitor would not see a conference taking place in Germany unless they select “Germany” from the country drop-down. If your event appeals to an international audience, the International option will have a higher view rate.

Top Ads – Educational Institutions........................................................................$Free

Upon request, we provide upgraded event listings to any accredited educational institution at no cost. In return, we simply request a reciprocal link be placed on the institution’s website that mentions our homepage or our event page:

Homepage Sample code:

Event Page Sample code:

To obtain an upgraded listing please submit the event, create the link and then email requesting the event upgrade. Please note the event and the reciprocal link url.

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Chemistry2011 is an informational resource for students, educators and the self-taught in the field of chemistry. We offer resources such as course materials, chemistry department listings, activities, events, projects and more along with current news releases.

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Are you interested in listing an event or sharing an activity or idea? Perhaps you are coordinating an event and are in need of additional resources? Within our site you will find a variety of activities and projects your peers have previously submitted or which have been freely shared through creative commons licenses. Here are some highlights: Featured Idea 1, Featured Idea 2.

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